As specialists in EV Salary Sacrifice Schemes, we understand the transformative impact an EV salary sacrifice scheme can have on businesses and their employees.

Our mission is to guide your business through every step of the process, from selecting the right scheme that fits your business needs, to full implementation and ongoing monitoring.

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EV Salary Sacrifice Schemes For Your Entire Fleet

Whether it’s cars, vans, or large commercial vehicles, we can guide your business in electrifying your full fleet

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We Save You Money on Your EV Car Scheme

Through a careful analysis of your business structure, vehicle usage, and employee needs, we find the right fit EV salary sacrifice scheme for the business, meeting your requirements and maximizing savings

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Tailored salary sacrifice scheme advice

We Support All Businesses No Matter What Size

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Sole Traders

We understand the importance of cost-efficiency for sole traders.

Our schemes for sole traders provide ease of entry and flexible terms

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SMEs seek scalability, and our EV schemes are crafted to grow with your business.

We focus on creating customizable solutions that can adjust to the dynamic nature of SMEs

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Large Corporations

For larger businesses, the transition to electric fleets can be complex due to their scale.

We offer analysis, planning, and execution.

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Why Choose EV Schemes for Your Business?

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EV schemes offer a financially savvy way for businesses to modernize their fleets.

The total cost of ownership for electric vehicles is significantly lower compared to traditional fuel vehicles, considering fuel savings, lower maintenance costs, and tax incentives.

These savings can be passed directly to employees through a salary sacrifice scheme, making it an attractive benefit that enhances staff retention and recruitment.

EV schemes offer tangible benefits to employees, including access to new electric vehicles at reduced costs, lower running expenses, and tax advantages.

This perk can boost employee satisfaction and loyalty, making your company a more attractive place to work.

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